Naked for Satan

23 September 2010
Naked for Satan @ 285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

The three week old bar, Naked for Satan, brings a fresh and exciting dining concept to the dining scene in Melbourne. 

Naked for Satan serves pintxos (pronounced pin-chos), a popular Spanish bar food originating from the Basque Country in northern Spain. Pintxos are slightly larger than your bite sized tapas and are usually served on a slice of bread and held together by a lone toothpick. 

Food is self-service with the exception of a few hot items that are brought around by wait staff during the night as they are prepared. I get up from my table and walk towards the front end of the bar where I am greeted with approximately 25 trays of pintxos a la buffet style. The selection ranges from wagyu bresaola to smoked salmon to crumbed eggplant.

The pintxos were tasty morsels of simple workable flavours. However, after consuming about ten pintxos, the high bread-to-topping ratio becomes a little excessive. Moreover, the slice of bread seemed slightly superfluous at times, especially beneath items such as the egg and potato frittata. Nevertheless, there was a hero of night, and it was the pork and fennel sausage which retained a robust porky flavour which is far too often lost in the sausage making process.

During the night, as you make your way through the pintxos, you place your toothpicks into a little plastic shot glass. At the end of your meal, you give the shot glass to your waiter who will proceed to count the toothpicks before adding up your bill. Indeed, Naked by Satan has adopted an honesty payment policy. So don’t be thrifty. Or criminal for that matter. 

For $2 a pinch, $20 a meal, and a complimentary ‘Thanks for getting Naked!’ send off at the bottom of our receipt, Naked for Satan is the new place to go for a little bit of fun. 

Rating: 3/5 (Good)


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