23 October 2010 
Babka @ 358 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

After lunch at De Clieu, we decided to head down the road to Babka for dessert. Babka, part café and part bakery, churns out fantastic bread and house-made pies.  But, it is their lemon tart that I keep coming back for. 

Babka’s lemon tart is the benchmark by which all lemon tarts should be measured. I have yet to find a place in Melbourne that can match Babka’s exquisite lemon curd – guiltily rich, perfectly tart and insanely, insanely velvety. The texture of the curd truly hypnotic - it forcibly causes you to take another spoonful just so you can experience that alluring melting sensation once again. The biscuit pastry base provides balance to the sweetness of the tart and a side of thickened cream is available for those who wish to dial down the sugariness even further. Finished with a thin, crisp layer of caramelised sugar, this dessert is consistently sublime and never ceases to amaze. 

As a side note to lemon tart lovers, Brown’s Bakery also does a divine rendition of this classic dessert which I highly recommend. 

Rating: 4.5/5 (Very Good)


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Anonymous said...

I always thought their lemon tart was the best as well but I have to say D Chirico's is probably better. Not that it matters - Babka's is already phenomenal...

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