13 May 2010
Hako @ 310 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

A longstanding lunchtime favourite, Hako provides hurried CBD workers with a touch of civility through its smart and efficient operation and high quality food. It provides a pleasant alternative to the unseemly routine of hastily devouring bland sandwiches or sushi rolls before returning to the monotony of the daily grind. 

Feeling extravagant on our recent visit, we ordered three items to share; a main course sized sashimi plate, the "steakdon" set and the katsudon.

The sashimi plate arrived with a variety of thinly sliced raw fish including salmon, tuna and kingfish together with a couple of other varieties that we failed to identify. Although not the finest sashimi we have had (Shoya and Kenzan lead the contenders for that crown in Melbourne), all items were of good quality and were very fresh. 

The steakdon set consisted of a medium rare eye fillet steak served on a bed of steamed rice, topped with a daikon radish puree sauce and accompanied by a bowl of miso soup and an assortment of small appetisers. The steak arrived on the rare side of medium rare ensuring that it was both tender and juicy. The strong spring onion note in the daikon sauce complemented the steak well. Light and well seasoned, the warming miso soup was very welcoming on a particularly cold Melbourne day. Overall, a superbly executed and well proportioned lunch set offering an interesting variety of flavours. 

The katsudon was served in a large soup bowl with a generous helping of steamed rice (perhaps too generous). The crumbed and fried pork cutlet, topped with egg and onion, lacked crunch but had absorbed much of the sweet soy based sauce and so was moist and very flavoursome. It was a well made and homely dish that, at $16.80, provides a good value and satisfying lunch. 

In all, we paid $65 - perhaps a little extravagant for an ordinary working day lunch. But then, Hako's food is very good and who is to say what the appropriate price is for a little civility in a hurried working day?

Food: 6.5
Service: 6.5
Value: 7.5
Overall: 7


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F y Z said...

I would comment on the quality, however i never actually got to taste the food! (miss-placing orders = epic fail)

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