The Melbourne Supper Club

7 November 2010
The Melbourne Supper Club @ 1st Floor, 161 Spring Street, Melbourne

The Melbourne Supper Club bar is one of four establishments, along with The European, City Wine Shop and Siglo Bar, to occupy the Ian Curley precinct on Spring Street.  With its Chesterfield sofas and wooden furnishings, The Melbourne Supper Club brings to mind images of respectable gentlemen sitting around smoking cigars and sipping Cognac. Together with an extensive compendium of fine wines, The Melbourne Supper Club exudes class and sophistication.

The supper menu is not wide-ranging, but there is enough variety to keep you entertained.

The croque monsieur is one of The Melbourne Supper Club’s signature items. It is an extravagant toasted ham and cheese sandwich containing b├ęchamel, parmesan, a sheep’s milk based cheese (the name of which eluded the memory of our waiter) and slices of ham which add a nice touch of saltiness to the creamy cheese fusion. The sandwich was enjoyable, but it was not a knockout. 

The Welsh rarebit contained a vast number of ingredients and hence a vast range of flavours. On the surface of a large slice of crunchy bread sat a layer of mild cheese, a spread of sweet onion relish, mustard, fresh parsley, scattered boiled egg pieces and a few slices of anchovies. It was an unusual combination of ingredients, but the flavours were exciting and the complexity of each bite was truly delectable. 

We followed with three home-made Chevap party sausage rolls. The pastry was not as crisp as its radiating hues of golden brown intimated, but the herb-laced sausage meat was sufficiently moist and flavoursome. Enhanced with a sweet and tangy tomato relish containing decent chunks of tomato and a full-bodied tomato sauce devoid of artificial flavours, The Melbourne Supper Club’s sausage rolls are a pleasant take on a childhood favourite.

To finish, we ordered the croquettes which were served on a mustard sauce base. The crumbed croquettes had a crunchy exterior and the mashed potato inside was richly seasoned with salty jamon and segments of smoked eel, the smokiness of which was a wonderful inclusion. The croquettes may have lacked the buttery texture of Match Bar and Grill croquettes, but they still hold a place on the recommended list. 


With delicious food and a vast selection of wines, The Melbourne Supper Club is the ideal place to go for lunch, after work drinks or late night supper. 

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)


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