Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full @ 60 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford
29 January 2011

Three Bags Full is the perfect embodiment of a thriving Melbourne café. It has rightfully earned its standing as a weekend brunch mecca, drawing in the crowds week in week out with its consistently excellent food, fantastic coffee and cheerful wait staff.
Owned and operated by the very people who established the reputable brunch hotspots, APTE and Liar Liar, Three Bags Full was always going to be a success story.

The big breakfast at Three Bags Full is one of the better versions to be found in Melbourne. Two perfectly poached eggs were accompanied by a generous serve of exceedingly plump mushrooms, a juicy roasted tomato, a meaty cheese kransky and a slice of crunchy grilled bread. The feature component of this remarkable assembly of items, however, was the mouthwatering bacon. Permeated with porky goodness and lined with fried pork fat, which was reminiscent of crackling, the bacon in Three Bags Full’s big breakfast was the most memorable that I have sampled for quite some time. The only weakness of this dish was the unseasoned spinach - a touch of salt would have gone a long way. Spinach aside, this breakfast dish was flawlessly executed and reasonably priced at $17.50.

The $14.50 open braised lamb sandwich, a lunch menu item, also piqued our interest. This Mediterranean inspired dish contained tender pieces of tomato braised lamb leg, roasted peppers, feta and fresh rocket sitting atop two slices of grilled bread. The meat was seamlessly cooked, but the homely flavours were ultimately lacklustre. While it was an agreeable dish, it certainly would not arouse my interest on subsequent visits.

Over the course of my three visits to Three Bags Full, the quality of the breakfast dishes have never ceased to impress - a sentiment is equally applicable to both APTE and Liar Liar. The lunch menu at Three Bags Full can be hit and miss so I recommend that you stick to the distinguished breakfast menu. I also suggest that, to avoid excessive wait times during peak hours – wait times which may exceed an hour – you visit, as we did, during the odd hours of the day.

Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)


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